Design on James is a haven of inspiration for anyone who appreciates quality and style and who is looking for design ideas and inspiration, whether it be for one room or the whole house. Come out and see us at our showroom in Te Puna, Tauranga.

Our design showroom showcases various room settings using product which we can source and is also for sale.

Due to the huge array of furniture at our disposal, we tailor your project to you and your budget.  You are able to see from the settings, an example of various styles, all showing a taste of what we have available and can source.

Because of the extensive variety of sampling that we are constantly exposed to, we can make sure your project has originality and serviceability to meet the requirements of your lifestyle.

We use a lot of international brands as well as product that is stocked in NZ and is more readily available.

Use Design on James to supply all your furniture, drapes, rugs, lamps and accessories.  Call us or contact us here now to make a difference to your place.

Showroom Hours 10am – 3pm Tuesday - Friday
Or by appointment.